1% Visible is an intergalactic radio podcast which talks about the history around certain galactic services. It appears in the VR game Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality played from a cassette.


1% Visible is hosted and produced by Steven Barp, recorded by Maulin Catherd on Galactic Radio Avenue in downtown Boltland. The podcast is sometimes sponsored by Needful Things.


1% Visible had a podcast on the history and influende of the Courier Flap where they featured guests such as Purp Genup, manager of Gazorpazorpazon regional office and distribution center nr. 648; Crebely Sarant, historian and author of the book "How we flapped our way to a Galactic Federation" which details how courier flaps laid the foundation for the Galactic Federation; Sally Glort, who created a site where she catalogues every courier flap she encounters.

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