All aboard motherf*cker!
—Alan Rails
Alan Rails
Status: Deceased
Job: Member of The Vindicators
Affiliated with: The Vindicators
Relationships: Supernova (ex-wife)
First seen in: Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender
Main voice actor: Lance Reddick

Alan Rails is a superhero who appeared in Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender as a member of The Vindicators. His parents' tragic death in a railroad accident caused him to gain the ability to summon ghost trains. He was married to Supernova, but the two divorced sometime int he past, possibly due to Alan's suspicion of Supernova cheating on him with Million Ants. His death was caused by a feud with Supernova in relation to her sexual interactions with Million Ants, who killed him by exploding his body from the inside after Alan attacked him.


Alan Rails is a large, muscular black man wearing an old-fashioned train conductor's cap with matching overalls, gloves, and a dirty, sleeveless greatcoat. The glowing green chain and train whistle around his neck allows him to summon ghost trains, which are capable of tunneling through solid rock. In addition to trains, he can also manifest a girder, presumably as a melee weapon. He is said to have a tragedy-stricken half-ghost, half-tumescent penis.


Alan Rails, being a member of the Vindicators, is shown to be a heroic individual who protects planets and galaxies from the wrath of super-villains. However, Alan is shown to be very prideful and annoyed with Rick's condescending behavior. It was this prideful attitude and hostility toward Rick that made him too stubborn to ask for Rick's help to find Doom-Nomitron, which resulted in the destruction of the planet in order for the Vindicators to finish him off for good. He was the most prone to anger out of the Vindicators, as seen when he grabs Rick's collar and when he attacks Million Ants in an angry outburst, which leads to his demise.


  • Alan Rails is an homage and a parody of folk legend John Henry, who is also referenced by DC Superhero, Steel.
  • His ability to form green energy constructs (i.e. ghost trains) seems to recall Green Lantern, particularly John Stewart, another DC superhero.

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