Amish Cyborg
Amish Cyborg
Species: Half human, Half Robot
Status: Deceased
Appearance: Total Rickall

Amish Cyborg was the only character besides the family, and Mr. Poopybutthole, that wasn't a parasite in his episode. This is proven by the fact that when he was shot, he never transformed into a parasite. He appeared in the episode Total Rickall. He was shot and killed by Rick while fleeing from him in the kitchen.


Amish Cyborg is an old, Amish man with a big black beard and sideburns who wears a black hat, a white shirt, brown jeans, held up by suspenders, and black shoes. He has one robotic leg and an arm, the latter having the head of a shovel at the end. Half of his face is also robotic, with two red circular lights in the place of his eye, and a robotic cover over his mouth, with green lights on it that go up and down when he talks.


A silly and nonsensical character. In his case, making an Amish man into a cyborg, when the Amish are a community known for refusing the conveniences of modern technology, is essentially an oxymoron in itself.

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