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For the episode of the same name, see Anatomy Park (episode).
Anatomy Park
Anatomy Park 7
DIMENSION Dimension C-137
TYPE Microverse
OWNER Rick Sanchez
Dr. Xenon Bloom
EMPLOYEES Ruben, Annie, Poncho, Roger, Allen
FIRST EPISODE "Anatomy Park"

Anatomy Park is a location that is featured in the episode of the same name. It is revealed to be an amusement park that is found in the homeless man named Ruben. The two creators of Anatomy Park are Rick and Dr. Xenon Bloom. It is revealed that the main attraction in Anatomy Park are Diseases.


Bladder Falls

Bone Train

Anatomy Park 32

Cerebral Cortex Carousel

Colon Log Ride

Haunted Liver

It's A Small Small Intestine

Lung Lift-Off

Pirates of the Pancrease

Screenshot 73

"Pirates of the Pancreas" was one of many attractions within Anatomy Park, an attraction inside a homeless war veteran named Ruben who had fallen on hard times. The attraction itself was very personal to Rick who became very defensive over any and all criticisms that it received. At the end of the episode, the attraction was scrapped by the new curator of Anatomy Park due to it being an unconventional idea.

According to Rick, the ride shows a realistic view of piracy and even goes so far as to show rape. The reason for this is that Rick did not want to whitewash history.

Spleen Mountain

Anatomy Park 8


Main article: Diseases


  • Many of the attractions at the park are parodies on rides at Disney World. The It's A Small Small Intestine is a parody on It's a Small, Small, Small, Small World, Pirates of the Pancreas is a parody on Pirate of the Caribbean, Spleen Mountain is a parody on Splash Mountain, The Haunted Liver is a parody on the Haunted River, the Bone Train is a parody on the Monorail, and it's possible that the Cerebral Cortex Carousel is a parody on The Carousel of Progress.
  • Meanwhile, the entire facility is a parody on Jurassic Park. And there are numerous points throughout the episode that make this parody evident.

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