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Species: Human
Status: Alive
First seen in: Anatomy Park
Main voice actor: Jackie Buscarino

You can put your fingers wherever you want...
—Annie to Morty[src]

Annie is a member and only survivor of the team working on a theme park Anatomy Park that was being constructed inside the body of the homeless human Ruben. She appears in the episode of the same name (Anatomy Park).


Annie was a member of Dr. Xenon Bloom's team and was apparently working at a churro stand in Anatomy Park. During their escape, she is the first to be suspected to be behind the failing security systems, until it is revealed that Poncho is the culprit. She later grows fond of Morty after he saves the group from Gonorrhea and attacks Poncho when he turns on the group.

After her and Morty escape Ruben's corpse, she tells Rick how she was studying Dr. Bloom's work and she believes she is capable of building a new park. After she admits that Pirates of the Pancreas was underrated, Rick shrinks her back down so she can lead the work on a new Anatomy Park inside Ethan. According to Rick, she has a "puffy vagina".


Annie is a Caucasian teenage girl with blonde hair and freckles on her cheeks. She wears her hair in a ponytail with a light blue bow. She wears a white shirt and a gray vest with a name tag and a very light skirt.


Annie comes across as a normal girl. She doesn't talk as much as the rest of her team, but she is very smart and she has a lot of good ideas.

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