Arthricia end HQ
Species: Cat-Person (Alien)
Age: Unknown, possibly 15-16
Status: Alive
Job: Amish Farm Worker
Place of origin: Purge Planet
Family: Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed Boyfriend

First seen in: Look Who's Purging Now
Main voice actor: Chelsea Kane
I have a boyfriend.
—Arthricia to Morty[src]

Arthricia is an alien girl who lives on a distant planet that appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now. She is a sweet and kind Amish girl, who appears to be of a cat-like human. She doesn't agree with the yearly purges, in which her planet's society has and fights every year to survive during them.


Arthricia first appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now, where she was one of the people on the Purge Planet. She was seen getting cornered and about to get killed during the purge until Morty spotted her. He convinced Rick to fly down there and save her. So he did. When they saved her, Arthricia explained that she disagreed with the politics of the purge and always wanted to put an end to it. She then lied to Rick and Morty, saying that her grandmother was left on the planet and they needed to save her. They went back down into a shed and Arthricia stole Rick's laser gun and shot him in the liver and took off in his ship without him, leaving Rick and Morty to fend for themselves.

Rick and Morty later found Arthricia again and angry about what she did before, Morty threatened to kill her. Rick stopped him and Arthricia explained that she stole his ship because she wanted to kill the rich people who came up with the idea of the purge and forced society to comply with it. Rick helped Arthricia by giving her one of the war suits and they both broke into the mansion where the rich people lived and slaughtered them all.

In the end, Rick and Arthricia had freed their world of the purge. Morty asked Arthricia out, but she told him that she already had a boyfriend. So, he and Rick left, and Arthricia lived peacefully with the rest of her people for a few seconds, until they started to argue about politics again and started killing each other.


Arthricia holds strong political beliefs and a huge grudge on her society for the pain it put her through all her life with its yearly purges. She will go to many lengths to make sure they repay their debts, and in the end, she ends up killing them, with no hesitation. She is, however, a quick but irrational thinker. This was proven when she stole Rick's Ship instead of asking them politely to help her. Although this can be justified since she has probably learned several times during purges to never trust anyone.


Arthricia is a teenage female cat-person with light brown fur and darker brown flowing hair that she wears down. She wears a light blue dress with a white apron and long black boots.


  • Arthicia is the third girl Morty has taken a romantic interest with. His first crush is Jessica, followed by Annie from Anatomy Park.
  • Also worth noting that Chelsea Kane (Arthricia's voice actress) and Justin Roiland used to voice two of the main characters in Disney Channel's Fish Hooks (as Bea and Oscar respectively). In both Rick and Morty and Fish Hooks, Roiland's character would have an unrequited crush on Kane's character.
  • It is said by Rick that she has already experienced 15 of these yearly festivals, suggesting that she is either 15 or 16 years old.
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