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Ass Dimension
Butt Dimension
TYPE Dimension
FIRST EPISODE "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind"

The Ass Dimension is an alternate dimension that appeared in the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind when Rick and Morty were running away from the Council of Ricks. The Ass Dimension is butt themed and everything in it is derived of things related to butts, farts, toilets etc.


The Ass Dimension is a dimension where everything is made out of butts, or toilet related things. It has large hairy white butts that serve as mountains that protrude from a sea of liquid fecal matter and urine. The butt mountains periodically releasing giant green fart clouds into the air which later become the clouds. There are also two kinds of tree-like growths visible, one being normal trees without leaves, and with rolls of toilet paper hanging on them, and the other ones being giant toilet plungers. Much else remains unknown.

It appeared again in the episode Get Schwifty, where Morty was using the Portal gun to find his own dimension but kept coming across a bunch of different dimensions. One of which was the Ass Dimension. When he arrived here, he said "Oh, shit!".


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