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Species: Hivemind
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Relationships: Unity (ally)
First seen in: Auto Erotic Assimilation
Main voice actor: Patton Oswalt

Beta-Seven is a hivemind who has an interest in Unity, wishing to be seen as more than an "ally". When Beta-Seven first met Rick, it was jealous of his relationship with Unity and all the stories Unity told about Rick. It would later prevent Rick from seeing Unity, identifying Rick as a hostile entity.


  • Beta-Seven is a parody of the Borg, fictional alien race from the Star Trek franchise.[1]
  • Beta-Seven's name is most likely a play on the term "Beta", a slang term for a male who is considered less manly than normal, is weak-willed, and/or has a hard time communicating with women.
  • The point-and-scream Beta-Seven performs when Rick slaps him on the back is a reference to the Pod People from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.[2]


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