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This is not the official name of the ship

Beta-seven 3

The shuttle on Unity's Planet

Beta-seven 4

The beta-seven shuttle is a vehicle used by the hivemind Beta-Seven. It is most likely incapable of space flight since it was carried by larger ships. The ship is capable of carrying 6 assimilated humanoids. These can exit the ship by the walls which can be opened and closed not unlike the way the gates on medieval castles opened.


The ship only appears in the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation.


The ship has almost the shape of a pyramid with a small bridge on top with red glass. The interior of the shuttle consists almost completely of 6 boxes with beta-seven drones in it.


  • the ship has currently no official name
  • the ship is 1 of 4 types used by beta-seven
  • the "beta-seven chambers" in the ship are a reference to the borg chambers from star trek

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