The Bird People are a reoccurring species of humanoid alien birds in Rick and Morty that are a direct parody of the Tangata Manu people from the Buck Rogers series. The most prominent of the bird people is Birdperson, a close friend of Rick's, who was, along with him, apart of a team of rebels who fought against the Galactic Federation, and a major supporting character in the series, who has received plenty of critical acclaim from fans.

Their home world was introduced in the episode, Get Schwifty. It was an organic planet that according to Birdperson, mainly relies on farming, and other ethical forms of survival. It also has plenty of technology, and a stable, calm, peaceful environment from what has been seen of it so far. It is likely that it will make a reappearance in later seasons.


Bird People are green humanoids with bird-like features. Their skin is green at an extremely dim light shade. They have two giant eagle wings with gray on the tips, that drape down among their backs like capes. They also have feathery helmets with white polka dots.


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