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Species: Bird Person
Age: ~40
Status: Unknown (presumed deceased)
Place of origin: Bird World
Relationships: Rick Sanchez (friend)
Tammy Gueterman (spouse; former)
Squanchy (friend)
First seen in: Ricksy Business
Main voice actor: Dan Harmon
In bird culture, this is considered a dick move.
—Birdperson, regarding Morty abandoning Rick[src]
Birdperson is a character who appears in the episodes "Ricksy Business", "Get Schwifty", and "The Wedding Squanchers". He is an old friend of Rick's, and has seemingly known Morty since he was a baby. He attends Rick's party looking for a new mate after ending his soul-bond with his previous spirit-partner. At the end of the episode, however, he gets back in the saddle with one of Summer's high school friends, Tammy.


Birdperson first appears in "Ricksy Business", attending Rick's party, where he hooks up with Summer's friend Tammy. He is also one of the very few party-goers who remains afterward to help clean up, although he may have just been waiting for Tammy to be ready to leave.

He explained to Morty that "Wubba lubba dub dub" means "I am in great pain, please help me." in his native language. At first, Morty does not believe Rick, if he even knows of it, means it sincerely.  However, this knowledge spurs Morty to eventually press Rick into action to preserve their ability to go on adventures together.

He reappears, along with Tammy, in the episode, Get Schwifty, saving Morty's life. He explains to him that leaving Rick was a "dick move", and that Rick cares about him. And if it wasn't for Rick, he would be dead, and would never have met Morty. He recharges the Portal gun, and sends Morty back to Rick.

In The Wedding Squanchers, he and Tammy get married and have a huge wedding party. During this time, he confessed to Beth that he and Rick are wanted by the Federation for committing "crimes in the name of freedom" which Beth shrugs off. Birdperson would very soon be betrayed, when Tammy reveals herself to be a member of the Galactic Federation secret service and shoots him multiple times, followed by a shootout with the rest of the criminals in the room.

He was a devoted love interest to Tammy until her identity was revealed to be false. He was calm and conservative while she had no filter in the things she said, no matter how inappropriate. It was revealed in the commentary for Get Schwifty that the creators were displeased with how the way things ended, finding humour in their brief relationship. Harmon and Ridley in particular were skeptical about bringing that back in some way shape or form.



Birdperson is a tall, green humanoid with bird-like features. His skin is green at an extremely dim and light shade. He has two giant eagle wings with gray on the ends, that drape down along his back like a cape. He also wears yellow gloves, a red skirt, and yellow boots. He has a green, feathery helmet with white polka dots. The tuft of feathers on his head ruffles when he moves.


Birdperson is very wise, having experienced so much about the universe with his best friend, Rick. He offers well-meaning advice to anyone willing to listen to him. Usually Morty. Although at times he can be perceived as tedious, most notably to Beth, because of his monotone voice, limited facial expressions and scarce bodily movement.


Rick Sanchez

Birdperson and Rick are life long friends, having done lots of things together. He was seen, coming to Rick's party in the episode Ricksy Business. He showed concern for Rick's well being, telling Morty that "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" means "I am in constant pain." He, himself wasn't doing anything to help him, but he still wanted for someone else to help him feel better. He invited Rick to his wedding in the episode The Wedding Squanchers. In the same episode, Rick was shown to be very torn apart, when he saw Birdperson die.

Morty Smith

Birdperson and Morty are fond acquaintances of each other. Birdperson explained Rick's catchphrase to Morty in the episode Ricksy Business and he nursed Morty back to health, when he saw him suffering in the episode Get Schwifty. In that episode, Birdperson also serves as a form of guidance for Morty, bestowing a lot of wisdom on him and explaining to him, how he should put his faith in Rick Sanchez.

Tammy Gueterman

Birdperson and Tammy fell in love with each other in the episode Ricksy Business. In the episode Get Schwifty, Tammy was all over Birdperson and the two of them lived in the same house together. In the episode The Wedding Squanchers, they were going to get married, but it turned out that Tammy was an undercover agent who was doing this as a front to catch him and all the other criminals in the room, meaning that all her feelings for him were fake.


Birdperson and Squanchy have apparently also been friends for a long time. In the episode Get Schwifty it was shown that when they were much younger, he, Birdperson, and Rick, started up a band together, called The Flesh Curtains. Squanchy was also honored to hold Birdperson and Tammy's wedding on his home planet.


  • "The Beacon was activated. Who is in danger?" (First Quote)
  • "'Wubba lubba dub dub' means 'I am in great pain, please help me'."
  • "'Gubba nub nub doo rah kah' means 'Whatever lets you sleep at night'."
  • "You appear to be dying. I will make efforts to prevent this, but can promise nothing."
  • "Is your intention to abandon Rick, using his own portal gun? In bird culture, this is considered a dick move."
  • "Morty, suppose you could retrieve your family from Earth but had to abandon Rick. I could give your loved ones shelter on Birdworld, even jobs, possibly as worm ranchers. How often do you think you might look up at the stars and wonder what might have been, had you just put your faith in Rick?"
  • "Tammy, I was approaching infertility when I met you but there is still time. I am yours until my death." (Wedding Vow)

Episode Appearances


  • Birdperson is a parody of "The Hawk" from Buck Rogers according to the commentary track on the Season 1 DVD.
  • Birdperson was in a band with Rick called The Flesh Curtains.
  • Dan Harmon wore a Bird Person costume during Comic-Con 2015.
  • In his first (and only appearance) in Season 1, Birdperson referred to himself in third-person. From Season 2 onwards he begins to refer to himself using normal pronouns.
  • Birdperson doesn't express any emotion throughout the entire series until Tammy reveals herself as a deep cover agent, where he has a saddened/confused expression.


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