Blue Footprint Guy
S3e2 my blood is made of chrome
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Job: Member of Death Stalkers
Affiliated with: Death Stalkers
Place of origin: Earth (Post-Apocalyptic Dimension)
Appearances: Rickmancing the Stone

My body is chrome! My blood is gasoline!
—While attacking Rick[src]

The Blue Footprint Guy is a character who appears in the episode Rickmancing the Stone. He was a member of the Death Stalkers and attempted to kill Rick, but was crushed by Rick's vehicle.


The Blue Footprint Guy is a member of the Death Stalkers in the Post-Apocalyptic Dimension. He was not involved in the first chase after Rick, Summer and Morty; first appearing during their hunting trip with Summer in the ruins of Seattle. He shoots a mutant on top of a building with a sawed off shotgun while casually walking through the city.

S3e2 nope regular blood

Blue Footprint Guy crushed to death

He returns to witness Morty dominating in the Blood Dome. When the Death Stalkers discover Rick's theft of their green rock, Blue Footprint Guy is sitting in one of the cars chasing Rick. He is killed after Rick uses his portal gun to transport himself back to the replacement dimension with the car he was using and the Blue Footprint Guy ends up going to the dimension with him with the car still hanging through both side of the portal. He tries to strangle Rick but Rick kicks him back and a moment later, the car lands on top of his head, crushing it and killing him instantly.


The Blue Footprint Guy is an small, highly overweight human man who is bald and wears black leather on many parts of his body. He has a blue war paint tattoo that is the shape of a footprint around his nose area and large areolas. He wears a pink thong with spikes on the front and brown high-heeled shoes.

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