Bluubosians are an alien race that appear in the Rick and Morty universe. They have been featured throughout many episodes, but a member of this species has yet to make an important appearance on the show.


Bluubosians have an appearance that is very similar to that of an octopus. They have green skin, four tentacles for limbs with two on each side of the body, and three tentacles that hid their mouths. Many members of their species even have humps on their backs. Female members have additional tentacles on top of their scalp that basically serve as a hair-like appendage. A lot of members of their species also tend to dress very poorly with some of them only wearing a small white sleeveless shirt and nothing on the lower half of their body. Although a few of them were seen with pants on as was the case with a bluubosian surgeon. Females also dress more appropriately than the males.


  • The Bluubosians are very similar in appearance with the Decapodian species from the show Futurama as evidenced with head shape and mouth tendrils but they differ in skin color and limb shape. In fact, the Bluubosian design may have been inspired by the Decapodians.
  • Coincidentally, a Bluubosian surgeon was featured on the show, which is a slight reference, to Dr. Zoidberg, a Decapodian who appeared on Futurama as a main character on the show.

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