Rick and Morty Meet The Simpsons
Cameos are times when Rick and Morty or anything else related to Rick and Morty have made appearances, been mentioned, or crossed over in other TV shows, movies, or any form of media.


At the end of episode Analysis of Cork-Based Networking, Abed and Rachel are seen watching an episode of Rick and Morty.

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Back in Time

This is a documentary film, about the cultural impact of the famous sci-fi trilogy, "Back to the Future". One of the things mentioned as being the movie's impact was the creation of Rick and Morty, since the title characters are parodies of Doc and Marty, as well as the show's concept being somewhat inspired by said trilogy.


Rick and Morty in Foxtrot
On February 4th, 2018, a comic featured Jason bringing up his method of using Rick and Morty episode titles, to help him and Marcus indicate what code language they should communicate in.

Friend Request

A Rick and Morty poster can be seen on Gustavo's wall.

Gravity Falls

In the episode "Society of the Blind Eye", Stan lost his pen, mug, and notepad into a portal that went to another dimension. This was a reference to the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind when Rick opened a portal, in which a pen, mug, and notepad came out. The Gravity Falls episode came out after the Rick and Morty episode.

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Justice League

In the scene where Batman showed up in The Flash's house, there were TVs on in the background. One of them showed the epilogue scene from the Rick and Morty episode, "Something Ricked This Way Comes".


Rick in Krampus
In the movie, Krampus, a wanted poster of Rick Sanchez can be seen on the wall of Max Engel's bedroom.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

In the episode "Grannies Gone Wild" two background characters resemble Rick and Morty.
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Pony Rick and Morty

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

In the episode "Avalanche", the gang watches the 1978 movie "Avalanche" and during the scene where Florence laughs, Tom Servo laughs in mimicry of her and then mentions having seen a funny episode of Rick and Morty last night.

The Night Before

In one scene, an advertisement poster for Rick and Morty is seen on a subway train.

Nostalgia Critic

In the review of "Dreamcatcher", Nostalgia Critic made a joke about Jason Lee's constant catchphrases, used throughout the movie. After a compilation of all the catchphrases, the clip from "Total Rickall", with the memories of Rick saying all his catchphrases was shown. Malcolm and Tamara said they didn't remember any of those, as a possible reference to the Rick and Morty episode in question being all about false memories.

The Simpsons

Rick and Morty and The Simpsons
In the couch gag for the episode "Mathlete's Feat", Rick and Morty were seen crashing through the wall of the house, killing The Simpson family. Morty was terrified to see what he had done and Rick blamed it on him. He told him to go to another dimension with their family portrait and clone them to bring them back. Morty went there and while he did, Rick walked around the house, eating their food and drinking Homer's beer. Ned Flanders walked in and saw what he did and so Rick had to use his Freeze ray to freeze him. When Morty came back, they brought The Simpsons back to life, but they came out looking like mutated versions of themselves that resembled Rick because of their skin color and spiky hair. Knowing that there wasn't really anything else they could do, Rick and Morty quickly fled the scene, leaving them behind. After this, Bart decided that he had had enough and said "No more guest animators!"

In the episode "Springfield Splendor", Dan Harmon made an appearance, teaching a college course on story writing. He was explaining his story circle strategy, shouting "TV should be a circle", before being pelted by pencils and wadded up paper balls, thrown by the students.

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In the episode "Pee Lady", a list of many different TV shows was flashed on the screen. One of which was Rick and Morty.