Canklanker Thom
Species: Gromflomite
Status: Deceased
Job: Galactic Federation Prison Guard
Affiliated with: Galactic Federation
Family: 7,543 children (unnamed)

Proud vet of the Battle of Klorgon, father of 7,543 hatchlings, kraan enthusiast.
—Canklanker's profile description on FedConnect

Canklanker Thom was a Gromflomite veteran who served in the Galactic Federation's military during the revolt 27 glaagnars ago. He later started working at a Galactic Federation Prison, and after the Galactic Federation's fall, ingested his cyanide pill.


Canklanker served in the Galactic Federation Gromflomite forces at the Battle of Blood Ridge. On their last surge to eliminate the rebels, he got seperated from his platoon when his legs were crushed by a HoverGORD. After lying there for several days, he was found by Rick Sanchez who, albeit unintentionally, saved Canklanker by defecating on his face. This kept Canklanker alive until he was found a few days later by a medic team.[1]

At some point he started working at the Galactic Federation Prison where Rick Sanchez would later be incarcerated. Following the transportation of the Citadel of Ricks into the Galactic Prison, and the beginning of the Blemflarck crisis, Canklanker decided to ingest his standard-provided cyanide pill.[2]

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