This article is about Chris. You may be looking for The Time Eater's weapon from A Rickle in Time.

Chris is the president of the Microverse. He appeared in the episode The Ricks Must Be Crazy, and is voiced by Alan Tudyk. Chris is the head of the society that control's Rick's car, using an invention called the Gooble Box that he gave them. However, Rick's car stopped working when he allowed Zeep Zanflorp to make an invention that would make Rick's Gooble Box obsolete, oblivious to the fact that this would mean the end of Rick's car battery life. He, and the rest of his species, appear to be very gullible, due to falling for Rick's "Translations" of words, such as 'Fuck You' meaning 'Happy to Oblige' and the Middle Finger meaning 'Peace among Worlds'. He also appears oblivious to the fact that Rick simply wears Antennae to convince them that he's an Alien.

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