The Class-2 Clonerbeast is a minor antagonist in issues #2 through #4 of the Rick and Morty comic series. It's a small, insectoid alien able to stun and clone its victims.

In issue #2, Rick keeps a clonerbeast in the basement inside a glass cage. It's released by accident by Jerry, and makes its first significant appearance in issue #3, where it stuns Beth and Morty and uses their clones to attack Summer. Summer kills the Beth clone and the Morty clone is destroyed by Rick, presumably along with the clonerbeast itself.

In issue #4, another clonerbeast makes a clone of Rick and uses it to control a labour camp of war orphans. The clone is later killed in their rebellion. It's unknown how long that clonerbeast had been involved there.

According to Rick, clonerbeasts could be capable of taking down a whole society. 

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