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This article is a transcript of the Rick and Morty episode "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" from season 1, which aired on April 7, 2014.


(The Smith Family is seen sitting around the table eating breakfast. The viewer at this point doesn't know that this scene is set in a dimension that is not Dimension C-137 with a different Smith family, but this will be apparent at the end of the scene.)

Beth: So dad, guess what tomorrow is...

Rick: Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

Beth: No... well, it might be...

Rick: It is.

Beth: Fine, but also, tomorrow is your one year anniversary back in our lives. I'm gonna make you flying saucer-shaped pancakes.

Rick: Oh, there's no need to do that, Beth. Regular pancakes are fine.

(A portal appears on their wall and Evil Rick and Evil Morty emerge from it carrying a gun and a tranquilizer respectively. Evil Rick shoots Rick in the head and kills him. Evil Morty shoots Morty in the shoulder with his tranquilizer and he passes out. Evil Morty then drags Morty across the breakfast table and he and Evil Rick drag Morty through the portal, and the portal disappears. The family screams in horror the entire time.)

(Opening Credits play)

(The Smith family is seen sitting around the table eating breakfast, celebrating the one year anniversary of Rick coming back into the family members' lives. This scene takes place in Dimension C-137.)

Beth: Happy anniversary, dad!

Rick: Oh, I get it. Regular pancakes are already shaped like flying saucers.

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