Cousin Nicky
Cousin Nicky
Species: Parasite
Status: Deceased
First seen in: Total Rickall
Main voice actor: Ryan Ridley
Like we say in Brooklyn...we're walkin' here!
—Cousin Nicky's catchphrase[src]

Cousin Nicky was a minor character that appears in the episode Total Rickall.


In a flashback scene, he is shown saving the Smith family and Mr. Poopybutthole from within a broken elevator after they see the Hulk Musical. He was also present when the family was captured by a Nazi while on board a Nazi submarine until they are saved by Mr. Beauregard. Like many of the other characters within the episode, he is a persona taken by the Alien Parasites.

Rick Sanchez deduces pretty quickly that Cousin Nicky might be a parasite, and shoots him in the shoulder early in the episode.

It is unknown whose cousin he is supposed to be, although due to his age he was mostly likely created as Beth or Jerry's cousin.


  • He was the parasite that lived for the shortest period of time.
  • His catchphrase is most likely a reference to Midnight Cowboy quote "I'm walkin' here".

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