Curse Purge Plus! is a business created by Rick created specifically to ruin the business of Needful Things. Rick develops a method of extracting curses and uses it against Mr. Needful when the two develop a rivalry.


After Rick discovers that a microscope from Needful Things has a curse on it, he reverse-engineers the curses by utilizing his scientific knowledge. This results in Rick being able to scan cursed items, discover what their curse is, and then cleanse the curse from the item while retaining its supernatural benefits.


In "Something Ricked This Way Comes" Rick creates a commercial to help spread the word of his shop. To further annoy Mr. Needful, he sets up his shop right across the street from Needful Things. This results in many customers running into the cursed shop and immediately running across the street to de-curse them.

The success of Curse Purge Plus! results in Needful Things filing for bankruptcy. Rick then loses interest in the shop, douses the counter with gasoline, and burns it to the ground.


  • While Rick is often eager to use his scientific prowess to earn money in other episodes, he isn't very interested in the monetary gain he might make from Curse Purge Plus!, as the value of the de-cursed items far exceeds the value he charges for removing the curses. His sole goal is to antagonize Mr. Needful (and, to a lesser extent, Summer), and when he succeeds, he has no further interest in the business.

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