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Cyclops Rick
Cyclops Rick
Status: Unknown
Place of origin: Earth (presumably)
Family: Cyclops Morty (grandson)
First seen in: Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind
No one knows what it's like, to be the sad Rick. To be the bad Rick. Behind Blue Eye.
—Cyclops Rick at karaoke EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Cyclops Rick is one of the alternate versions of Rick Sanchez who appeared in the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind. He is a one-eyed monster version of Rick. He makes a minor appearance in The Rickshank Rickdemption.


Cyclops Rick is a tall old man with light blue, spiky hair and a lab coat. His flesh is orange and he has one big eye on his face. He also has pointy elf-like ears. He also has two pointed fang-like teeth that show when his mouth is closed.


Cyclops Rick seems to be a fan of karaoke, singing his own Rick-version of "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who every time he attends. He is also a fierce fighter, jumpkicking into an alien in The Rickshank Rickdemption when the Citadel of Ricks has been transported into the Galactic Federation Prison by Rick C-137.

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