Dan Harmon
220px-Dan Harmon by Gage Skidmore 2
Age: 44 (born January 3, 1973)

Dan Harmon is one of the co-creators of Rick and Morty. He also serves as a voice actor, writer, executive producer, and producer for the show.


Voice Actor


Personal life

Dan Harmon is a writer and performer. He is well known for creating and producing the NBC comedy series Community and co-founding Channel101. In December 2013, Harmon and fellow podcaster Erin McGathy became engaged. They both reside in Los Angeles, California.


  • In July 2013, he was on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, in which was discussed his return to NBC.
  • He wishes to be on the cover of Wheaties and Playgirl.
  • His podcast is called Harmontown

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