Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Job: Horse surgeon
First seen in: Pilot
Main voice actor: Dan Harmon

There's nothing more noble or free than the heart of a horse.
—Davin to Beth[src]

Davin was Beth's coworker at St. Equis Hospital. Davin is in love with Beth and he constantly hits on her and tries to seduce her and win her over. Because of this, Jerry is extremely jealous of him. Beth denies having any feelings for him, which she most likely doesn't, but Jerry does not trust her around him and absolutely hates him with every fiber in his being.


In the Pilot episode, Davin was seen working with Beth on saving a horse's life. He later comes back and interrupts Jerry and Beth's fight, telling Beth how they did a very beautiful and passionate thing together, saving that horse's life like that. It's obvious that Davin was hitting on her, and trying to swoon her over, with the way he was being so poetic with her. In response to this, Jerry slams the door shut and says "Since we're fighting, if you ever have an affair with that guy I will come to the hotel room and blow my brains out all over your naked bodies."

In the episode "Rick Potion No. 9" Beth is called into work late at night by Davin to help him after a horse racing track had a starlight derby where there was a "seven-horse collision". After Beth and Davin save the horses Davin tries to romance Beth and convince her to have an affair on Jerry. After sneezing Davin becomes afflicted with the "Morty love potion" where he becomes obsessed with Morty and asks Beth "what was it like to give your son a bath." Beth then runs away from Davin when Davin turns into one of the "Mantis-people" as a result of Rick's initial cure for the Morty love potion. Jerry bursts in the door and beats Davin to death with a crowbar.


Davin is a tall and muscular man with very tanned skin and a sculpted face. He has tousled blonde hair and a rugged beard of stubble on his face. He is usually seen, wearing his work clothes, being a light blue shirt and shorts and a white apron and mask.


Season 1


  • It has been confirmed by the Rick and Morty assistant, Tamara Henderson, on her tumblr, that Brad and Davin, while presumably being written off the show due to their long absence after Season 1, will return in Season 3 of the show.



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