Why don't I get Beth and we'll go out for ice cream?
—The last great idea that will ever be had in this garage.[src]
Diane Sanchez is a hypothetical version of the wife of Rick Sanchez, the mother of Beth Smith, the mother-in-law of Jerry Smith, and the maternal grandmother of Summer Smith and Morty Smith, who appeared in a memory projection in "The Rickshank Rickdemption". She and Beth are both killed by a bomb sent by another Rick.

Whether or not Diane reflects the real Mrs. Sanchez, if at all, is unknown, as Rick refers to it as a "fabricated backstory" and later tells Morty without prompting he's not driven by it because it was "fake", suggesting some or all elements of this sequence are false.


While Rick was held in a Galactic Federation Prison, an agent named Cornvelious Daniel was sent into Rick's memories, using a brain link, in search of his memory of discovering inter-dimensional travel. Daniel witnesses a memory from Rick's past where he is a young man, proudly married to Diane, choosing to give up science after meeting another Rick. Diane walked into the room and was supportive, asking him how work was coming along, having heard "sci-fi noises". After Rick explained he was done with science, Diane suggested that he takes her and Beth out for ice cream, and Rick said that was the last good idea that'd ever be had in the garage. When Diane and Beth were heading to the car, an interdimensional portal opened above them and a bomb dropped down. The explosion killed both of them, depressing Rick and making him turn back to his life of science, and revealing the portal formula.

Daniel takes down the formula to achieve inter-dimensional travel, passing it on to his superiors. Shortly after the coordinates were downloaded, Rick revealed that the entire memory was false, and that the code was just a virus, that allowed Rick to gain full control of the brain link. He later told Morty, who had nothing to do with these events, that his backstory was "fake".

It should be noted, however, that Rick has separately been described as leaving his wife, and that they became trapped in a failed marriage, all of which are at odds with the flashback, as Rick appears happily married to Diane, supportive of his scientific study, and tragically dies in a science fiction mishap.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • In the memory during which Diane appeared, Beth Smith dies in the explosion with her "mother", with both of their bodies being ripped apart. tipping the viewer off as a red flag that this story may be false, or hinting that the main Rick isn't native to Dimension C-137
  • Rick maintains a similar appearance as a young man via Simple Rick in "The Ricklantis Mixup", supporting the possibility that Diane could be similar to her flashback appearance.
  • In episode The ABC's of Beth, Beth asks Rick why would he would make a clone of her so she can have some time for herself. He states that it might be something about her mother. It indicates that Rick possibly still has feeling for his ex-wife.

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