Why don't I get Beth and we'll go out for ice cream?
—The last great idea that will ever be had in this garage.[src]
Diane Sanchez
Diane Sanchez
Species: Human
Status: Unknown
Family: Rick Sanchez (ex-husband)
Beth Smith (daughter)
First seen in: The Rickshank Rickdemption
Main voice actor: Kari Wahlgren

Diane Sanchez is the possible ex-wife of Rick and mother of Beth, who died in an explosion of Rick's malfunctioning inventions, when Beth was a child, leading Rick to lead the life he does today. She appeared in a memory projection in "The Rickshank Rickdemption". Rick was quick to expose the story as "completely fabricated", meaning that it's quite possible that "Diane" never existed and bears no resemblance to the real Mrs. Sanchez.


In "The Rickshank Rickdemption", Cornvelious Daniel, an agent of Galactic Federation, went into Rick's memories, using a Series 9000 Brainalyzer, in search of his memory of discovering interdimensional travel, so that they could figure it out too. Rick went to the exact memory, showing his life, when he was a young, married man. Shortly after Rick decided to give up science, Diane walked into the room and asked him how work was coming along. Rick told her how he was done with science, because he decided against going down that pathway. Diane suggested that he takes her and Beth out for ice cream and Rick said that was the last good idea that'd ever be had in the garage. When Diane and Beth were heading to the car, through the garage, a spontaneous interdimensional portal opened above them and a bomb dropped down. The explosion killed both of them, making Rick depressed enough to go back to his life of science again. Rick was seen quoting a code for the portal formula Cornvelious was looking for, letting him achieve his goal of learning interdimensional travel. Shortly after the coordinates were downloaded, Rick revealed that the entire memory was false, and that the code was just a virus, that allowed Rick to gain full control of the Series 9000 Brainalyzer.


  • In the story of Diane, Beth Smith died in the explosion with Diane, with her body being ripped apart in the same way as her mother's. This raised a red flag about the accuracy of the Diane story, before Rick revealed it was fake.
    • However, if this memory were to have been real, and Beth did die along with her "mother", then it would have been no surprise if Rick used the perfected portal gun to travel to an alternate dimension where his family was still alive. Then this would mean that the Morty, Summer, and Beth from C-137 were not his original progeny at all, but replacements. This could be further supported by the fact that Rick actually abandoned dimension C-137 to where the Earth was Cronenberg-free and where he and Morty were dead. This is especially since Rick has infinite daughters and descendants throughout other dimensions.

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