Dimension J19ζ7 (Jay-Nineteen-Zeta-Seven) is the universe where Doofus Rick comes from.


  • A lot of Ricks joke that Dimension J19ζ7 is the dimension where everybody eats their own feces but Doofus Rick constantly denies this.
    • According to the commentary track for the episode "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" on the season 01 Blu-ray/DVD Justin Roiland confirms that Doofus Rick does not eat his own feces. Meaning that Dimension J19ζ7's theme probably doesn't revolve around eating feces (and by extension, means that the other Ricks were just merely bullying him).
  • This might be the dimension where the guy eating shit as seen on TV from the episode Rixty Minutes comes from.
  • Since Doofus Rick never married and not had any children: Beth, Summer and Morty does not exist in this universe.

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