The Doopidoo dimension is a dimension that Rick and Morty pass through while pursued by the Council of Ricks in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind."


The world is inhabited by bird-like creatures with protruding tongues, bowl-cut hair and often skewing eyes. They repeat the phrase "doopidoo" and variants of it, and they stand around idly while the others run past them.

The world also shows some vegetation, most of them orange, pink or purple, with slight similarities to thick bushes and palm trees.


  • The Doopidoos have the same hairdo as Doofus Rick.
  • The Doopidoos may be an allusion to the real-life bird, dodo bird.
  • The colorful and wacky style of the trees and animals may be an allusion to Dr. Seuss books.
  • As Rick opens up multiple portal to lose the Council of Ricks, three objects can be seen quickly flying out on of the portals. Closer examination reveals these items to be the same pen, pad and coffee mug sucked into a portal during an episode of the Disney animated series Gravity Falls.

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