Dr. Xenon Bloom
Species: Amoeba
Status: Deceased
Appearance: Anatomy Park
Main voice actor: John Oliver

Dr. Xenon Bloom (voiced by John Oliver) is a character of the day and served as one of the protagonists, appearing in the 3rd episode, Anatomy Park. Bloom is an amoeba who is the co-founder of Anatomy Park.


Dr. Bloom, along with the help of Rick, builds Anatomy Park inside a disease infested Ruben. Dr. Bloom's team consists of Poncho, Roger and Annie. While traveling through Anatomy Park to figure out why the park's security system is failing, Dr. Bloom and his team must then transverse the dangers of Anatomy Park and escape Ruben. However, he does not escape and is killed by E. coli while manually operating the Bone Train to save Morty and Annie.

Dr. Bloom appears in a picture on Rick's bedroom wall in the episode, "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind".

According to a Reddit post by Ryan Ridley, one of the writers for the show, Bloom is an alien being whom Rick met during one of his many adventures. They came up with the idea for Anatomy Park and found a group of humans willing to be shrunk and work inside Ruben. He was also originally planned to be human.


  • He is based on John Hammond, the creator and CEO of Jurassic Park.
  • His name "Xenon Bloom" is a play on words/reference to Jeff Goldblum, one of the main cast in the Jurassic Park movies. The connection being that Xenon and Gold are both chemical elements, and 'blum' from Goldblum is pronounced as bloom.

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