S1e3 ethans bro
Species: Human
Age: Late teens (17 or 18)
Status: Alive
Job: Student at Harry Herpson High School
Family: Unnamed Brother
Relationships: Summer Smith (ex-girlfriend)
First seen in: Anatomy Park
Main voice actor: Daniel Benson

Ethan is Summer's ex-boyfriend. He first appeared in the episode, "Anatomy Park".


Ethan's relationship with Summer is kept secret until he barges in and confronts Summer about not answering his texts. After talking to Jacob, he revealed that when he was younger, his older brother took him fishing once in the bushes, and "made him feel like a girl" suggesting that he was either molested or raped by him.

In the credits sequence of the episode, it is shown that a second Anatomy Park is being constructed inside of him. After it is decided that Pirates of the Pancreas is not being rebuilt, Rick became furious. The episode ended with Ethan questioning Rick as to who was going to pay him.

He presumably died or became cronenberged in dimension C-137. However, in the replacement dimension he survived the crisis.

He reappears in "Get Schwifty", where he, along with Summer, convert to Headism. During this time Summer reveals Ethan can play guitar as the two learn the 'Seven contemplations of the Head' by singing them. He helps Summer save her family from being sacrificed by the rest of the Headism worshippers.

As of the episode "Big Trouble In Little Sanchez", his relationship with Summer is apparently over, as Summer had a new love interest named Toby Matthews.


Headist Ethan.transparent

Ethan is a Caucasian teenage boy with long and wavy blonde hair. He also wears a blue hoodie, a white shirt, burgundy trousers and grey shoes with white soles.


Ethan is shown to be somewhat clingy towards Summer, and deals with his own mess of insecurities, which Jacob helps him admit during the Smith's Christmas.

He seems to care deeply for Summer, helping her save her family when she saw the Heads were displeased.


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