The Evil Beth Clone was an evil alternate version of Beth Smith who appeared in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy. She is a clone from an alternate reality, possessed by a demonic alien spirit from another dimension's future. She is voiced by Sarah Chalke.



Her death.

The Evil Beth Clone appeared at the very beginning of the episode Meeseeks and Destroy, where she, Evil Jerry Clone, and the Evil Summer Clone were chasing Rick and Morty through an alien spaceship, trying to kill them. Rick was tackled by the clones and they started clawing at him and chewing on his flesh which lead Rick to toss Morty a remote and press the button. Morty was horrified, not wanting to kill his family, but Rick tried to convince him that they weren't his family. The Evil Beth Clone then confronted Morty and then started to act very sweet and nice, telling him that she loves him, trying to convince him to believe she was the real Beth Smith. Morty ran from her and activated the remote, killing the family of evil clones and causing them to burn and melt to the ground, freeing Rick from their grasp. They both escaped back to the garage in Dimension C-137, where Morty was so traumatized by the events, that he threw up all over the garage floor.


The Evil Beth clone looks identical to the C-137 version of Beth Smith. She is a tall, Caucasian, adult female with long blonde hair and a red shirt and blue pants.


The Evil Beth clone is a vicious and murderous clone who wants to kill humans and feast on their bodies. She can also pretend that she's very nice and loving as she was seen using this personality on Morty, trying to trick him into letting her kill him. It is unknown if this is her real personality, however, since she was possessed by a demonic alien throughout her entire appearance in the show.


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