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This article is about Evil Morty. You may be looking for other versions of Morty or Morty Smith (304-X).
It would be pointless. Mortys have no chance of defeating a Rick."

-Evil Morty to Morty Smith

Evil Morty Smith
Evil Morty Close-Up
Main aliases: Eye Patch Morty
Species: Human, slightly cyborg
Age: 14, possibly 15
Status: Alive
Job: Rick killer [former], Morty kidnapper [former], Average kid
Place of origin: Unknown dimension in the multiverse
Family: Evil Rick (grandpa)
Relationships: Evil Rick, possibly Rick (C-137)
First seen in: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind
Main voice actor: Justin Roiland

Evil Morty is one of the infinite versions of Morty. He has only appeared once so far in the series, in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, as the secondary antagonist and was last seen being rounded up with the other Rickless Mortys.


Unlike the other Mortys, he wears an eye patch. For unknown reasons, he took control of Evil Rick using a transmitter hidden beneath his eyepatch and killed off twenty-seven known Ricks from various dimensions, as well as capturing and torturing hundreds of Mortys. After his Rick is killed by a horde of rabid Mortys, he is "rescued" by the Council of Ricks. During Evil Rick's autopsy, a Rick officer notices that Evil Rick has a receiver in his head, allowing him to be remote controlled. As they speculate as to who has the transmitter, the next scene is of Evil Morty taking off his distinctive eye-patch, which is revealed to be the transmitter. Evil Morty smashes it under his foot, allowing himself to blend into the horde of Rick-less Mortys being taken away on massive star ships.

A popular theory is that Evil Morty is Rick C-137's original Morty. Another theory is that he is the Morty left behind by Rick in the theme song who somehow survived the alien frog attack and swore revenge on Rick. It is also speculated that he is what would happen to a Morty when he "gets too big for his britches."


  • Unlike other Mortys, Evil Morty speaks in a serious, monotone voice.
  • He may return as one of the antagonists of Season 3

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