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We both know if there's a truth in the universe: it's that Ricks don't care about Mortys.
—Evil Rick

Evil Rick is an alternate version of Rick Sanchez who appears in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" as the secondary antagonist.


Evil Rick looked identical to most Ricks, except that his shirt was black instead of light blue, his eyes had dark circles underneath, and his lips had a scar going across it.


Almost nothing is known about Evil Rick's true personality or intentions, and it is not clear if he shares Evil Morty's desire to overthrow the Council of Ricks. According to Roiland and Harmon, Evil Rick was a real Rick with cybernetic implants (as opposed to a full robot), and none of his actions were carried out at his own will; they were all Evil Morty's doing. Evil Morty had been torturing all captured Mortys through Evil Rick in order to create hatred towards all Ricks.


Evil Rick and Evil Morty began to murder Ricks and abduct hundreds of Mortys from multiple dimensions. The Mortys were imprisoned in a dimension of Evil Rick's design, with many of them hooked up to torture apparatuses so the "Morty waves" caused by the pain would hide from the Citadel of Ricks.

In "Close Rick-Counters of Rick Kind", Rick Sanchez of C-137 is accused and convicted by the Council of Ricks, framed the actions committed by Evil Rick. Rick, however manages to escape with Morty and begins tracking Evil Rick down. After capturing Rick and Morty, who managed to find his dimensional lair, Evil Rick explains to Rick that he intends to download the contents of Rick's brain and subsequently kill him. While viewing the memories during the download, Evil Rick mocks Rick's apparent fondness to his Morty, stating that Ricks don't care about Mortys.
Evil Rick death

Death of Evil Rick

The imprisoned Mortys broke free, having found the courage to oppose Evil Rick. The Mortys over-powered all of his minions, and bludgeoned Evil Rick to death. The Mortys kept beating Evil Rick's corpse until the Citadel's militia and the Council of Ricks arrived and calmed them down. After his death, the Citadel's medical examiners opened Evil Rick's head, and discovered that he was controlled remotely through the sophisticated technology wired into his brain.

It is revealed to the audience, but not the Council of Ricks, that the receiver which controlled Evil Rick was linked to a transmitter inside the eyepatch worn by Evil Morty. Evil Morty had been literally using Evil Rick, and every word that came out of Evil Rick's mouth was actually Evil Morty talking through him. Evil Morty crushes the eyepatch transmitter underfoot and disappears with into the crowds of Rickless Mortys.

A photograph of Evil Rick under the control of Evil Morty is later seen in "Tales From The Citadel".

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