Family Breakfast is a non-canonical improvised mini episode of Rick and Morty. At the New York Comic Con in the year 2014, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Sarah Chalke, and Chris Parnell all voiced their characters of the Smith family and did a scene.


Rick creates an invention that can make breakfast.


The Smith Family is sitting at the table. Jerry is ignoring the family to play on his I-rap instead, much to the disappointment of Morty. eating breakfast and Summer complains about the food they're eating. Beth curses out Summer for criticizing her food. Summer asks Rick to make an invention that can produce better breakfast for them and so he does. When he does, Morty abuses the machine and makes toast with cum on it. Rick goes back into the garage to make some modifications to the machine in order to prevent Morty from doing that again. Jerry, distracted by the I-pad at the time, had no idea what was happening and so Morty fed the toast to his dad. When Rick comes back with the machine, Morty uses it to put AIDS on his toast.



  • Spencer Grammer was not present to voice act for Summer Smith, so Dan Harmon provided the voice for her instead.
  • While playing a game on his I-pad, Jerry asks Beth is he could borrow five dollars to buy a bushel of corn. This implied that Jerry may have been playing Farmville.

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