Fancy Eats is an restaurant, used whenever a couple goes out for a professional date.


In "Meeseeks and Destroy", when Jerry takes his wife Beth to this restaurant in an attempt to reconcile their relationship. A group of Mr. Meeseeks follows him there and begin wreaking havoc on the place, until Jerry finally receives coaching from his wife Beth and finally improves his golf technique. With their goal met the Mr. Meeseeks disappear completely. Shortly afterwards, husband and wife were questioned by the police.

It is assumed that in Dimension C-137, this restaurant was destroyed after the Cronenbergs's invasion.

An alternative version of this restaurant appears in "Rest and Ricklaxation", where Morty (who had recently been deprived of all his negativity), took Jessica on a date there. Morty managed to be very annoying, by babbling on and on, warding Jessica away. Morty took it extremely well and immediately moved on to another girl named Stacy, a girl at a bar and surprisingly succeeded at picking her up and taking her home.

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