Floovians are an alien race that appear in the Rick and Morty universe. One of their members was seen attending Tammy and Birdperson's wedding in The Wedding Squanchers and be shot by the Gromflomites. Another bartends at the Plim Plom Tavern.


Floovians are aliens that greatly resemble anteaters. They have four arms with two arms on each side of their body with three fingers on each hand and pink fingertips on the hands and are bipedal with their feet having two toes on each foot. Their skin color appears to be a bright color for most of the body, with darker shaded spots on their head and hands. They have three eyes on their head and their face is slender, long, and narrow with a mouth very narrow at the lips and a purple tongue, which looks like an anteater. They also have a more normal mouth hidden underneath their other snout-like mouth.

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