Here it is; you know, I collapsed a quantum tesseract to—
Dad I don't care how you made it, I want to know if Tommy is still in there.

Froopyland is an artificially generated world created by Rick Sanchez from a collapsed quantum tesseract some time in the 1980s for his daughter, Beth Smith, when she was a little girl. Rick comments that the native wildlife has imaginary, procedurally generated carbon, DNA. It appears in "The ABC's of Beth".

Froopyland is accessed by drawing an entranceway with what appears to be a glowing purple piece of chalk. Froopyland consists of a massive area that includes mountains, forests, swamps, and likely other biomes. The weather is always perfectly sunny and warm with procedurally generated clouds rolling across the sky. A river of a literal rainbow cuts through the land with a stunning waterfall. The ecosystems are largely fantasy inspired as there are literal swamps of honey. Froopyland was designed by Rick to be an incredibly safe place for Beth to play in. All ground surfaces are bouncy to prevent fall injuries and the rainbow river's water is breathable to prevent drowning. Rick outright admits that his reason for creating Froopyland was to protect the whole neighbourhood from Beth, who clearly showed strong psychotic tendencies as a child (though he immediately makes it clear that he didn't so out of the non-existent goodness of his heart, but just so he wouldn't have to clean up any of Beth's messes).

Rick also included a fairy-tail-esque castle within Froopyland for Beth.


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