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For over 850 glaagnars, the Galactic Federation has helped quintillions of other sentient life forms assimilate into our vision of one united universe. We stand scrung in scrung with thousands of planets; perhaps yours will be next!
Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation Symbol as seen on the website.

The Galactic Federation is a major galactic or intergalactic organization that controls significant areas of the universe.


In the episode The Wedding Squanchers, it is revealed that there are 6,048 earth-like planets in the Federation including Earth, which joins it at the end of the episode.

The Federation government appears to be served and perhaps also ruled by the bug-like Gromflomites, as evidenced by its military, security guards, and law enforcement.

Gromflomite ships

Rick Sanchez, Birdperson, and Squanchy are known to be rebels against the organization, fighting numerous battles to free various planets from its control and committing many "atrocities" against it in the process.

In the episode The Wedding Squanchers, it is revealed that Tammy, along with her parents, were undercover agents for the Galactic Federation in order to catch the rebels affiliated with Birdperson and Rick. At the end of the episode, Earth officially joins the Federation opening it to direct alien contact and tourism.

The Federation has been shown to possess guarded security checkpoints, including one on Earth shown at the end of The Wedding Squanchers, as well as control over the galaxy's Interdimensional Customs as shown in the Pilot. Additionally, a high-security Federation outpost is featured in Mortynight Run.

It also appears to posses numerous prisons, one of which Rick was taken to at the end of The Wedding Squanchers.

The currency of the Federation is Federal credits. Upon the Smith's return to Earth in The Wedding Squanchers, a passing robot offers Jerry Smith "complimentary" antidepressant pills, then charges him 7,000 credits for the medicine. The robot also sends Jerry to a location where he can get his new job.

Galactic Forces

Gromflomites make up the majority of those

All Gromflomite Ships

serving in the Galactic Federation's military and law enforcement. Individual member-worlds of the Galactic Federation also have their native police forces as well, such as the Gear World.

Known planets

Among the known planets in the Galactic Federation are:


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