S2e10 galactic federation prison

The Galactic Federation Prison was a location that appears in The Wedding Squanchers and The Rickshank Rickdemption. The prison was notorious for not only housing its most dangerous inmates but also for keeping its most sensitive and classified data that is capable of doing things like shutting down the Galactic Federation itself. Rick Sanchez was an inmate in that prison until he escaped. As of now, the prison is considered to be destroyed after Rick teleported the Citadel of Ricks into the prison itself, which killed multiple aliens and Ricks and Morties and incited a prison riot.


The prison is shown to be a huge prison that shaped like a gigantic ring with multiple buildings in the middle. Its inner structure holds rooms which mainly include inmates held in cube like cells that keep them locked in with neck, arm, and leg braces instead of a cell that include beds and a toilet to use so its unknown how its inmates are comfortable in those cubes without such accommodations. The prison also holds an interrogation room which is some way also serves as an execution chamber due to the fact that it houses a Brainalyzer 9000 which is infamous for killing its subjects when used due to liquefying their brains. Its implied that the prisoners in that prison are horribly mistreated and abused.


S3E1 Prison & Citadel

The prison as depicted when it was destroyed when the Citadel Of Rick's teleported into it.

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