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Status: Alive
Place of origin: Glaagablaaga
First seen in: Mortynight Run

Garblovians are an alien race in the Rick and Morty multiverse. They speak what sounds like a nonsense language, saying things like "Aga blah blah" or "Gaggablaghblagh" while expecting every other race to understand. Garblovians frequently explode into a blue gooey mess. It is unknown why they explode. Jerry tries unsuccessfully to communicate with a few varieties of them after trying to leave the daycare center.



  • A Garblovian was featured in the The Simpsons Rick and Morty Couch Gag.
  • Two Garblovians appeared in a promo for Rick and Morty Action Figures as puppets.
  • A Garblovian named Gagigabber appears in Pocket Mortys as a rival trainer.
  • The Garblovians have an uncanny resemblance to the aliens from the movie series Critters.
  • The Garblovian online game streamer GlorpDieBlorp is a parody of YouTuber PewDiePie

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