Gear People
Gear Cops
Status: Alive
Affiliated with: Galactic Federation
Place of origin: Gear World
First seen in: Ricksy Business

The Gear People are a race of robots that depend on, and are almost entirely made out of, gears. Their race is very similar, and a possible allusion to the character Roboto from the Masters of the Universe franchise. The most notable gearperson in the series is Gearhead, an engineer, an expert on the Gear Wars, and a former friend of Rick's before betraying him who makes recurring appearances throughout the series.


Gearpeople's bodies consists of material similar to skin, metal, and glass. Their mouths, and organs are all gears, that turn to indicate that they are either talking, or excited. Their crotches are hidden behind a small door that hide their genitalia which are also gears.


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