This article is about The Smith Family's next door neighbor. You may be looking for Gene Vagina, the principal of Harry Herpson High School.
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Place of origin: Earth (Replacement dimension)
First seen in: The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Gene is the next door neighbor of the Smith Family. He appeared in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy".


After her boyfriend Ethan breaks up with her, Summer attempts to transform herself to be more beautiful with disastrous results. She gets blown madly out of proportion, destroying the garage and leading to a loud and heated argument between Beth and Morty. Overhearing the fight, Gene is concerned and asks if everything is okay. Morty angrily tells him to mind his own goddamn business, and Gene politely and silently walks away, without batting an eye.


Gene is a bespectacled thin Caucasian man with brown hair. He wears a fishing hat with a hook fastened and a gray vest without a shirt underneath.


Gene is a kind, mild-mannered, every day, average Joe. In spite of his neighborly nature, he is considered a nosy neighbor, and is yelled and cursed at, when just showing care or offering help to his neighbors. Living next door to him for a long, he has presumably grown used to Rick's strange inventions and their outcomes, not acting shocked by any of the weird happenings, (i.e. Summer rapidly growing to massive proportions), and actually shows more concern in the well-being of his neighbors, seeing their unhappiness as a bigger issue than any chaotic, off-the-charts destruction and mayhem, that comes from Rick's garage.

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