Species: Human (formerly)
Age: 50s-60s
Status: Alive
Job: Army General
Place of origin: Earth (Dimension C-137)
Relationships: The President (colleague)
First seen in: Get Schwifty
Main voice actor: Kurtwood Smith

General Nathan was an American army general who appeared in the episode Get Schwifty as the main antagonist. He wanted to destroy the Cromulons with nuclear weapons, but the President disagreed. He rebelled against the President and knocked him out, only for his plan to destroy them to fail. He is zapped by Rick's particle beam wristwatch when he attempts to murder the President, and is turned into a snake.

General Nathan's overall appearance, way of speaking and manner is likely a reference to Gen. Buck Turgidson, a similar military character played by George C. Scott in the movie "Dr. Strangelove."

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