General Star
General Star
Species: Cat-Person (Alien)
Status: Deceased
Job: Town Sherrif
First seen in: Look Who's Purging Now

The General Star is the sheriff of a small town at purge planet from Look Who's Purging Now. He is a nice old Amish man with repressed homicidal tendencies that he only lets out during the yearly purge.


The Town General Star appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now, being one of the people on the purge planet. He is the town sheriff of the small Amish town that the people lived in. Rick stopped by for some windshield wipers and the sheriff sold them to him. He also threw in some Yummy' Yums for Rick and Morty. He told them that even though he was a nice old Amish man, he does some horrible stuff during the night of the purge.

He was later seen during the purge, leading an entire cult of people against Rick and Morty. He and the group attempted to kill them, but Rick and Morty fought them all to death, killing the sheriff and his gang.

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