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This article is about Gromflomite. You may be looking for Guy who eats shit from the episode Rixty Minutes.

Glenn dying
Species: Gromflomite
Status: Deceased
Job: Interdimensional customs guard
Affiliated with: Galactic Federation
Family: Children (unnamed)
Relationships: Wife (unnamed)
Appearance: Pilot
Glenn's bleeding to death! Someone call his wife and children!
Gromflomite guard after Morty fatally shoots Glenn[src]
Glenn is a one-off character who appears briefly in the Pilot episode of Rick and Morty. He and several of his comrades are shot and killed by Morty during a gunfight at interdimensional customs.


While Rick attempted to hack a portal back to their home dimension, he ordered Morty to shoot at the guards to buy him some time. While Morty was initially reluctant to shoot at the guards, Rick claimed that the Gromflomites were "just robots" and that it was "okay to shoot them."

Morty was horrified when he shot Glenn and saw that he fell down in agony and began bleeding, realizing that he was in fact not a robot. While Glenn bled out, one of his comrades shouted for someone to "call his wife and children," adding another dimension of twisted tragedy to Glenn's untimely demise.

Morty reacts to shooting glenn

"They're not robots, Rick!"

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