Glexo Slim Slom is an alien couples counselor at Nuptia 4, who appears in the episode "Big Trouble In Little Sanchez". Beth and Jerry were sent to Nuptia 4 by Rick for couples counseling because it is the galaxy's most successful couples counseling institute, meaning Glexo must be one of the galaxy's best counselors.

After welcoming the Smiths, Glexo took them to the institute's machine to create Beth's and Jerry's Mythologs to continue with their treatment. He later takes his current group on tour to see all the different mythologs belonging to everyone in the group, starting with Gar and Zarbadar Gloonch's. When they came to Beth and Jerry's mythologs, theirs managed to escape their cell and go on a murderous rampage through the whole facility. As Glexo was fleeing with the Smiths, he is outraged by how dysfunctional their marriage is and how it shouldn't exist; saying "You have the single worst marriage I've ever witnessed". When they managed to find the last escape-ship, Glexo runs aboard yelling that Beth and Jerry are not therapists and the ship leaves without them.

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