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Main characters of Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls is an animated kids TV show created by Alex Hirsh that aired on Disney Channel, then moved to Disney XD. The show is about a twin brother and sister named Dipper and Mabel who spend their summer at their Gruncle Stan's Mystery Shack and solve mysteries.

Gravity Falls in Rick and Morty

In the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, Rick opens up a bunch of portals to other dimensions. One of the portals shows a mug with a question mark on it, a pen, and a notepad come out of it. This is a continuity of the Gravity Falls episode Society of the Blind Eye, where the episode's ending credits gag features Stan losing those three exact things, by having them get sucked into a Universe Portal.

In the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchez, a picture of what appears to be a triangle with one eye and a top hat, which resembles the Gravity Falls character Bill Cipher can be seen on a monitor.

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