Species: Cronenberg
Human (previously)
Mantis-person (previously)
Status: Alive
Job: News presenter
Affiliated with: Channel 58
Place of origin: Earth (Dimension C-137)
First seen in: Rick Potion 9
Main voice actor: Phil Hendrie

Harold was a news reporter at Channel 58 during the events of Rick Potion 9. He was turned into a Mantis-person before turning into a Cronenberg, like the rest of the human race.


Before turning into a Mantis-person, Harold presumably looked like a regular human. He had black hair, a black moustache, had large front teeth and wore a blue suit with a white shirt and a brown tie to work.

As a mantis, he had his previous human-face stretched out over his head, two large yellow eyes of different sizes, two antennas, and large mantis-arms coming out of what was his human shoulders. He still had his human torso over his body, but his lower body was no longer covered in anything human, only mantis. His wings came out from under his suit.


Harold worked at Channel 58 for its breaking news update, which interferred with Summer watching Pregnant Baby. He and his co-host reported that Morty's whereabouts were still unknown before expressing their "love" for him, which resulted in a fight between them.

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