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Jacob Philip
Main aliases: "Cubbie" (by Joyce)
Species: Human
Age: 30's
Status: Alive
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Anatomy Park
Main voice actor: Echo Kellum

Jacob Philip is a family friend of Jerry's parents, and is later revealed to be Joyce's lover. 


Jacob accompanied Joyce and Leonard to Christmas dinner with the Smith Family. He nearly had the front door slammed in his face by Jerry who was unaware of his existence due to his own ban on technology during Christmas. When asked who he was, Leonard introduced Jacob as a part of the family.

Christmas dinner pic

Christmas dinner

During dinner Leonard started announcing who Jacob was, but was interrupted by Jerry who asked nervously if he was his parents' lover. Leonard corrected Jerry that Jacob is Joyce's lover, and goes on to describe how Jacob and Joyce copulate while Leonard watches, "sometimes from a chair and sometimes from a closet, almost always while dressed as Superman". Their strange swingers' arrangement makes Jerry uncomfortable but all three insist that they are happy with the relationship.

Jerry's dad watching as superman

Leonard sneaking away to the closet

Following dinner, the whole family gathered in the living room and formed a drum circle on the floor. Jacob clapped while Summer was singing. They were soon interrupted when Ethan entered unannounced and started yelling about Summer ignoring him. Jacob sat Ethan down and encouraged him to tell them where his anger towards Summer was really coming from. He revealed that he had in the past been molested or raped by his older brother, which lead to him and Summer reconciling. This also lead to Jacob and Joyce making out, and Leonard sneaking away into the nearby closet while unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman-shirt underneath. This was cut short by Jerry's dislike of his parents's arrangement with Jacob.

After the blood rain following Ruben's explosion over Earth started, he picked out a tablet for him and Joyce to shift their focus to, instead of the blood rain.


Jacob has brown skin, short dark brown hair and thick eyebrows. He is only seen dressed in a light blue button shirt with a white sweater hanging over his shoulders and tied over his chest. He wears white pants with a brown belt and brown shoes.


Jacob and Ethan

Jacob speaking with Ethan

Jacob is a lighthearted and warm man who acts in a very kind manner. He complimented Jerry on several occasions, on his apron and his cooking. He makes jokes when able to, like when Joyce had spilled food on her face. He is easily emotionally touched, as seen when Joyce kissed Leonard and they all three held hands.

Jacob also showed to be a caring and helpful man when he encouraged Ethan to express where his anger towards Summer was coming from goading him into revealing in the past he had been molested or raped by his brother leading to a reconciliation between the two teenagers.



  • Jacob Philip was seen in the background of a scene in Total Rickall.

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