Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Family: Katarina (daughter)
First seen in: Pickle Rick
Main actor: Danny Trejo

Jaguar is a criminal who was incarcerated by a Russian agency. He traded the assassination of Pickle Rick for the release of his daughter, Katarina. Jaguar first appeared in "Pickle Rick"


Jaguar is a criminal, who was captured and held imprisoned in a Russian Agency. The agency planned on holding him captive until his natural death, until the invasion of Pickle Rick. They released Jaguar to destroy him. His only motivation was that if he killed Rick, he'd be rewarded by setting his daughter, Katarina free. During his fight with Rick, he realized they had no beef with each other and decided to team up with him, as Rick's mission to see his daughter, Beth, was similar to his mission to get Katarina back. As it turned out, the agency had already killed Katarina, so they flat-out lied to Jaguar, just so he could help them kill Rick. The duo escaped together and Rick allowed Jaguar to roam free and unimprisoned again.

In the episode's epilogue, Rick and Morty were about to be killed by Concerto, before Jaguar killed Concerto and saved them both. Rick said it was good that he never went to therapy, otherwise he'd have never met Jaguar and he and Morty would have died by the hands of Concerto.


  • He is voiced by Danny Trejo, best known for his role as Isador "Machete" Cortez from the Spy Kids film series and the Machete spinoff films.

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