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Jerry's Mytholog is a physical representation of the way that Beth perceives Jerry. It went rogue and teamed up with Beth's Mytholog in an attempt to take over the universe. It appeared in the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchez.


Jerry's Mytholog is a short, fat worm-like creature with Jerry's face and hair, and two scrawy, boneless limbs that dangle uselessly at its middle. Being boneless, Jerry's Mytholog can morph its body into basic shapes, including flattening out to squirm under thin gaps. It has a constant look of worry and distress on its face.


Being based on Beth's personal perception of Jerry, Jerry's Mytholog is a comically exaggerated parody of the real Jerry: a spineless, mewling grub who cowers and submits before anyone and anything even vaguely threatening, but it follows Beth's Mytholog first and foremost. Even when chasing after the real Jerry, as soon as Jerry assumes a fighting stance, his Mytholog immediately backs off, showing its backside to him in a submissive stance.

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