Jerry Smith
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Job: Sleeper agent
Affiliated with: The Resistance
Beth Smith
Place of origin: Earth (Dimension 304-X)
Family: Beth Smith (wife)
Summer Smith (step-daughter)
Morty Smith (step-son)
Relationships: Beth Smith (wife)
First seen in: Rick and Morty Issue 9

Jerry Smith married Beth Smith (304-X) after she and her children came to his dimension. He is even dumber than most other Jerrys.


At some point after Summer had brought Beth and Morty to Dimension 304-X, Morty was able to track down the Jerry of this dimension and have his mother marry him. This led them to fight a lot and rarely get along, though more from Beth than Jerry. After the Resistance is started and Summer joins them, Jerry is sent in to work as Morty and Beth's sleeper agent among the enemies.


Jerry serves as doorman at the Resistance base and gets his eyes poked in by Rick (C-132) when he and Morty are led there by Summer. Jerry is severally hated by all the rebels and after they leave him alone, he is contacted by Beth to be activated for a mission. He tried to flirt with her, but Beth shuts him down and tells him to retrieve Rick Sanchez and blow up the Resistance base.

He finds Morty(C-132) alone and uses Morty's belief that he is Morty(304-X)'s estranged father to get him to walk with him down the hall. Jerry takes Morty hostage with a laser gun and demands Rick to come with him to dictator Morty. Jerry accidentally shoots Morty. Rick, believing Jerry killed Morty, threatens to kill him with his own gun. Jerry pulls up a timer and and says he will kill them all first. He activates the timer and blows up the whole Resistance base.

Jerry304X Armoured Vehicle

Jerry running over Summer and Morty

Somehow he survived the explosion and reappears in a huge armoured vehicle just as Summer and dictator Morty is reconciling, but he accidentally runs them over and kills them.


Jerry is a dumber, clumsier version of Jerry than normal. He is stupid and barely able to follow orders, therefor placed as doorman at the base. Even though he is completely hated by everyone, he doesn't seem affected by it or even caring about it. He still has romantic feelings for Beth, even though she is constantly rejecting him. He does appear nervous when he is heading out to destroy the base, showing that he is not just foolish and noncaring. When he talk he likes to use dumb phrases like "Catch you on the flippy floppy" and "Lates". His clumsiness is shown when he accidentally shoots Morty(C-132), and again when he accidentally kills Summer and Morty. He doesn appear intelligent enough to manipulate Morty, by using false information that Summer has given Morty about their dimension's past, to take him hostage.

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